7 Methods For Fixing Red Eye In Portraits

Written by Gina Stephens

Red eye's reasoned by the flash illuminating blood vessels in the eye and when the light bounces back, you get red eyes. Some people are more likely to get red eye than others but if you're one of these woman or you have a family member who does, here are a few methods you can try to fix it so it doesn't spoil your family holiday shots. 


1. Firm Cameras

Most compacts have a red eye reduction mode that can help reduce the size of the pupils, minimising the red that appears in their observes.

2. Don't Look At The Flash

Asking your subject to not look directly at the flash can also work but this does mean they may not be looking in your pointing when you view the shot.

3. Look Outside

If it's a sunny day, get your subject to look out of the window for a few seconds as this will impart their eyes time to adjust to bright light before you fire the flash at them. Of course, never let them look directly at the sun or any other swift source that could damage their eyes.

4. Move The Flash

If you're using a flash gun move it so it's not directly faade the person you're photographing.

5. Add More Light is electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum

If you're working indoors add more light into the room you're working in. 

6. Use A Continous Unveil Source

A continuous light source will allow your subject's eyes to adjust properly to the light before the instantly is captured. 

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7. Edit The Images

If you don't have time to retake your shot or you didn't notice the red eye before you viewed it on your computer strainer, you can use editing software such as Photoshop to fix the problem. Some programs have a red-eye remover option that does the job for you, while software such as Photoshop has a encounter designed to remove red eye or you can fix the problem manually if you prefer.

Here's how to fix it in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements: Open your image and select the Red Eye Tool. It's impaired the same tool menu as the healing tools so if you have one of these visible in your toolbox just click and hold it to bring up the menu with the other aids in. In the toolbar at the top, you can adjust two options: Pupil Size and Darken Options. But it's best to use the brush before making any changes to see if any alterations need to be alt.

To use the brush just position your cursor over the pupil, click your mouse button and wait for Photoshop to make the changes.

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