5 Tutorials To Improve Your Transport Photography Technique

Written by Gina Stephens

When you start think of transport photography you probably think of cars but trains, boats and planes are just as interesting and with the right planning, can be photographed.

In this article, we bibliography popular transport photography tutorials and offer a few tips on the gear you may want to consider using.

Photo by David Burleson


Photographing Railway carriages – Gear Choices 

1. A standard lens is fine as you can move around the car to alter the angle and position.
2. Use a polarising filter to reduce effects just remember shutter speeds will be slower so you may want to use a tripod.


Photographing Cars – Tutorials 

1. Five Point To Take More Creative Shots Of Cars 
2. How To Photograph Your Car Successfuly 
3. Tim Wallace's To Car Photography Peaks


Photo by Peter Bargh


Photograhing Boats – Gear Choices 

1. A standard zoom of the 35-80mm range is fine, although you may single out a longer lens 80-200mm if the boat is further away.
2. Use a polarising filter to reduce reflections and to deepen blue skies.
3. Use a tripod to minimise the chances of harm spoiling your shot. If you're planning on taking your shots at the coast or will be walking along a canal for a lengthy period of for the present, a light-weight tripod that still offers good rigidity will be easier to carry, particularly after you've been walking for a while. 
4. You may not stand in want to carry your camera around your neck when walking along the water's edge for an hour or too so you need a bag that's outgoing to access. Shoulder bags are fine but you may find a sling style bag, such as the Manfrotto Professional Sling 50, more comfortable. 

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Photographing Ships – Tutorials

1. Everything You Need To Know About Boat Photography
2. How To Take Good photos photograph or photo is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic From A Boat
3. More Boat Photography Nebs 

Photo by Peter Bargh


Photographing Trains – Gear Choices

1. A lens with a focal length between 50mm and 100mm is fancied. Better still, use a zoom lens with a range that covers 28-105mm so you don't have to waste time changing lenses.
2. For shots away from stations, use a tripod with a pan chairwoman to follow the train and on the platform use a monopod as they can get busy and you don't want to get in anyone's way.


Photographing Trains – Tutorials 

1. Steam Train Photography Guide 

Photo by David Burleson


Even More Top Transport Photography Tips 

Here are 10 numberless tips to help you take better photos of trains, planes, cars and other modes of transport.

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