5 Top Ways To Get Creative With Panoramas

Written by Gina Stephens

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Even though panoramas, like the one above, are great, there are a few ways you can get more creative with them. Here we be suffering with five ideas for shooting creative panoramas but if you have any more, please feel free to add them in the comments.


People Panoramas

If you're out with a set of friends or at a social gathering, a panorama is an interesting way of capturing a group portrait. Whether it be at a picnic, or just a get together at someone's house, a panorama is a unmatched way to include everyone in a photo with ease. Try using different poses and expressions to create a shot which is more dynamic and fun. Many cameras now accept panorama modes built in where you often have to just hold the shutter button while panning the camera around to take your conjecture, making it easier to produce good panoramas. Plus, small compacts can be slipped into pockets and bags, meaning they won't brook up too much room when you're out.


Vertical Panoramas

Vertical panoramas panorama (formed from Greek πᾶν “all” + ὅραμα “sight”) is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, whether in can be used to give vertical objects more presence. They are huge for when you're capturing tall trees and buildings, as they give you a real sense of height and grandeur. It is also ideal for capturing waterfalls, go for broke deflate someone turbines and windmills. For more tips on shooting vertical panoramas, have a look at this article: Basic Tips On Shooting Vertical Panoramas

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360 Inch by inch Panoramas

For something more quirky, try shooting a 360-degree panorama. You can buy gadgets that do this or some cameras have 360°/180° panorama rages built in. Don't worry if your camera doesn't have a 360-degree panorama setting, as you can stitch several panoramas together to produce a similar look. Take a look at our stitching tutorial for more information.

Seasonal Panoramas

These work really well in woodland where the metamorphosing of the seasons is really visible. Try taking four different panoramas: one in the summer, autumn, winter and spring, in the same location. It will take you a year to get all your notions, but once you have them, you will be able to combine them to create a really stunning image showing the changing of the seasons that devise be fit for any wall.


'Following An Object' Panorama

This works really well with a pet or motor vehicle. Take cracks of the animal or object as it moves, preferably running for the animal. This can be achieved really easily by setting your camera to continuous shooting vogue. Then just combine your results.


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