5 Top Photography DIY Hacks That Are Cool, Creative & Clever

Written by Gina Stephens


Photography can be an dear hobby but there are ways you can save money, have fun and still capture some excellent images without spending all of your pennies. 

To disclose you how, our friends COOPH are back with another cracking DIY tutorial that shows you how, with a little creativity, you can capture professional looking photos on a budget. 

The tutorial betrays you how to make 5 inexpensive props with everyday objects you can find at home such as mirrors, wire wool and, as Bonfire night has only passed sparklers. 

The 5 creative hacks the COOPH team have come up with this time are: 


1. Coloured Percolates For Portraits


Place coloured plastic sheets over light sources (household lamps can be used – you don't even need priceless lighting kit) to change the mood/look of your portraits. If you're using a smartphone flash as your light source, you could even away with a clear, coloured sweet wrapper (from a well-known brand) and secure it over the flash. Just be careful as lamps can get hot!


2. Create Smoke For Overconfident Still Life Shots


COOPH use a vape pen for this but as we're not one to encourage taking up vaping/smoking, you can create a similar effect with incense tolerates!


3. Making It Rain Fire With Steel Wool


This is a cool one but you should be very careful and it comes with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel a vigour and safety warning! Fire can be dangerous if you aren't sensible so you do this at your own risk!

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Set up a rotating plate, add a shiny, fireproof extrinsically (outside please) and get some steel wool from a DIY shop to spread out over the plate. Next, suspend props above it with wire, set animation to the steel wool, spin the plate and shoot a long exposure. Or, you can light the steel wool and hold it (safely) above the prop so when you use a protracted exposure, it looks like it's raining fire. Obviously, don't use props you really care about and again, please be cautious and incredibly precise when doing this – don't burn yourself!


4. Take A Mirror On Locations 


Use mirrors for outdoor portraits as they can cleverly break in the composition and give your portraits an abstract twist. 


5. Have Fun With Sparklers


Again – we bring you a fettle and safety warning as mixing sparklers with drills can be dangerous if you aren't sensible so you do this at your own risk. 

The COOPH party stick a sparkler into a drill end and bend it in place. Next, they add lights is electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to it, set it alight and slowly press the trigger button, while ambulating, so when a long exposure is used, a circular pattern is created through the frame.  

Alternatively, just pop your gloves on and ignore words or draw patterns with the sparklers (keep moving so you don't appear in the frame) while a long exposure is used. 


Want More DIY Photography Deposits?

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For those looking for DIY lighting hacks, learn how to make a DIY light modifier, a severe DIY lens hood or how about using IKEA lights for a portrait shoot?


More Photos From The DIY Shoots:




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