5 Tips For Perfecting Out Of Season Coastal Shots

Written by Gina Stephens

After summer ends and the markers, candy floss and plastic buckets have long left the seafront, the British seaside resort morphs into a place that's desolated and greatest of photographic potential. 


Photo by Rick Hanson


Gear Suggestions

A zoom lens will give you the flexibility of both wide of the mark and telephoto options in one lens which is good news for the photographer who doesn't want to be carrying too much kit on their seaside walk. With or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel an increment of, you don't really want to be changing lenses when there's a strong breeze blowing sand and salt which could mutilate your equipment. A tripod will may refer to: The English modal verb will; see shall and will, and will and would Will and testament, instructions for the help you steady your camera while the strong coastal breeze blows around you.


Be Microwave-ready

A bonus with this time of year is that parking's a doddle and accommodation should be cheaper if you're planning a full weekend of photography. 

Don't think of to check the all important weather forecast and make sure you note down what time the tide will be on its way back in. If you don't,  you could set aside yourself paddling through salt water with your camera gear if you do head for the beach. 


Light And Feel

Low-angled delicate will give colourful beach huts more punch while a bright blue sky dotted with white clouds will add a bit of time to what can be drab looking shops and piers. 

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If you find that Mother Nature has realised you're at the coast and as a result predictably drive inti the sky grey don't be too down-hearted as a storm brewing over the sea will always look good. To give the sky more detail fit an ND filter to your lens but if it's inert too dull and flat, shoot the scene anyway and try converting it to mono when you're back in front of your computer. If all else fails, there's unceasingly the option to shoot some macro detail of nets, ropes and wet pebbles on the beach. Just remember to fill the frame to give your discharges more impact. 


Photo by Rick Hanson



The ice cream seller may be long gone but you will get the odd resident, spectacular surfer and fishermen still walking around the empty seaside towns. Even though it's always polite to ask before you take your missile, sometimes candids where you snap a couple of shots without them knowing you're doing so do work better. Many people won't temperament you taking their photograph if you ask politely enough though so don't be afraid to approach someone with your camera and a pleasant smile. Try getting in detailed if they have a strong face that will make a good character portrait then stand back to give the shot more frame of reference. This can work well with a lonely surfer stood on a damp, deserted beach or with a café owner clearing tables in an unload shop. 

Life's A Beach

The pier is a photographic opportunity not to be missed at this time of year as you won't have tourists sidling into your shot and morning fog can be found circling the supports, making them an eerie photographic opportunity. Go wide, shooting from the seaside if possible or shoot from the top, using the pier as a leading line into your image.

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