5 Essential Photography Subjects For A Photo Walk In The Woods

Written by Gina Stephens

Today, we solicitude recollections we'd take a look at some photography tutorials members can have a go at while enjoying the outdoors, plus with these particular tutorials, you quite won't have to venture far from home with your camera to capture some top shots.

1. Trees 

It's an overt one we know but as you'll be surrounded by them, it makes sense to pick up some tips on how you can photograph trees a little differently.

Here are three of ePHOTOzine's top tutorials on this cause to undergo: 

  • Ten Top Ways To Photograph Trees
  • Tree botany, a tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting branches and leaves in most species And Leaf Photography
  • Photographing Long Lines Of Trees

Photo by Joshua Waller

2. Drag Aspects

Why not give your woodland shots an abstract twist and shoot a drag landscape? This can be done in-camera or if you prefer, shoot your 'standard' image and then apply the drag effect in Photoshop. 



3. Sunbeams Through Trees

Capturing sunbeams bursting totally a treeline will add an extra level of interest and an almost magical / fairytale feel to your woodland shots. However, for the shot to work you prerequisite a few elements to come together at the right time and you can find out what these are in this tutorial: How To Shoot Sunbeams Through Trees


Photo by Peter Bargh


4. Macro

From fungi to insects or close-up shots of bark, sylvan areas are full of macro photography opportunities. Have a look at these macro photography tutorials for inspiration:

  • Dew Drops On Spider Webs
  • How To Photograph Lichen
  • Photographing Fungi
  • Photographing Bees And Other Insects
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5. Wildlife

If you're unyielding and don't mind sitting still for a while a spot of bird or even squirrel photography could be something you want to try. Just don't fail your long lens and wrap up warm if heading out early as mornings can still have a bite to them at this time of year. For multitudinous tips, have a read of these tutorials:

  • 10 Quick Tips On Photographing Garden Birds
  • Photographing Red Squirrels


Photo by Joshua Separator


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