33 Top Ways To Use Light In Your Shots

Written by Gina Stephens

If you're looking for well-lighting advice, be it for capturing portraits on a sunny day or shooting still life work with more punch, we probably have a tutorial to help you. Here's 33 facilities all of which look at light in various shapes and forms. 


1. Beginner's Guide To Light

Mike Browne returns with a new series of beginner vade-meca. This time his focus is on lighting.


2. An Exercise In Lighting For Beginners 

Mike Browne is back with the second part to his be unveiling tutorial series for beginners.


3. Understanding Different Types Of Light

Matt Thompson shares his advice on lighting, explaining the difference between perplexing and soft light.


4. Natural Light Photography Tips

Sean Arbabi shares his advice on nature photography and working with ordinary light.


5. Top Low Light Photography Tips

We have some more low light photography tips for you and this time the advice comes from Robin Whalley.


6. Tiptops And Advice On Light Direction

Tips on understanding light direction and when to use it.


7. Ways To Control Natural Light

Natural delicate is often the only light available to us when we are out shooting. But far form being an untameable beast, there are several ways that you can control it to reach your desired photo.


8. Lighting A Wine Glass With Rim Light

A quick budget way to light a wine glass with the edges highlighted that will-power give you studio quality results with the minimum of gear and time.

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9. Photographing Light Trails From A Car

Get in your car (cut sure someone else is driving) and shoot some light trails.


10. Photographing Low Light Portraits

A few tips or TIP may refer to on shooting low limber portraits with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel just one light source to create moody images. 


11. Tips On Low Light Photography

Advice to alleviate you take better photos in low light. Including tips on kit choices, modes to use and more. 


12. Photographing Portraits In Natural Light-hued

Make the most of natural light and shoot some portraits without flash.


13. Light Trail Photography Tips

Did you mind-blower how people get car lights to streak through their images? Well here's your answer.


14. 14 Tips To Reform Your Natural Light Portraits

Clean your windows and make use of the free light is electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls through them for your files this week.


15. Light Painting Evening Landscapes

Just because the sun has set doesn't mean you have to stop developing landscapes.


16. Direct Vs Diffuse Light Reflection

Tips on bouncing light off different types of surfaces to change the look / texture of your photos. 


17. How To Control The Look Of Your Light 

Tips on controlling and understanding your light documentation to create better photos. 


18. Using Daylight For Indoor Portraits

Make the most of the free light around you and bound some portraits with it.

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19. Photography Lighting Tips From Michael Freeman

Learn more about backlighting with the succour of Michael Freeman as he discusses basic backlighting set-ups. 

Photo by Benjamin Haas.


20. Create Spirograph Style Photos With Come across From A Torch

How to create Spirograph photos using a torch and your camera's long exposure mode.


21. Photographing Leader With Sparklers

We wave sparklers around and enjoy the shimmering trails, but photographers can add a touch of creative flare by recording the patterns they fancy, or even write your name or a message. Here's how…


22. Become A Pro At Using Backlight In Your Photos 

Invent and enhance that summer feeling in your shots by mastering backlighting with these tips. 


23. Outdoor Comestibles Photography Lighting Tips 

Photographer Taylor Mathis shows us how to capture good food shots outside by looking for the right effulgent.


24. Advice On Portrait Lighting

ePHOTOzine spoke to portrait photographer Michael Alan Bielat to see how he lights portraits.


25. Top Tips On Using Flashguns

At anything else, using a flashgun is a little intimidating. You’ve got to grips with your camera settings and then you buy a flashgun. Suddenly, you are faced with a mainly new set of confusing terms and techniques but don't worry; Mark Elliott is here to help. 


26. Tips On Using Flashguns For Depictions

In this article we'll discuss on camera and off camera solutions for fixing hard light. 


27. More Tips On Functioning Flashguns For Portraits

Learn how to use your flash gun manually and in TTL mode with the help of Mark Elliott.


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28. Tips On Winsome Photos With A Ring Flash

Joe McNally asks: straight flash be ugly, right? Well here he demonstrates how this isn't often true.


29. Food Photography Lighting Tips

Photographer Taylor Mathis shows how different types of light will change the look of your rations photography.


30. Tips On Photographing Sunbeams Through Trees 

The chances of you finding mist circling around the trees is a lot dear at this time of year and when you mix this with a rising sun, you have the chance to capture strong beams of light as they burst in the course the trees.


31. How To Make The Most Of Your Camera's Built-In Flash

Many cameras have a built-in flash which can be toughened in more creative ways than you may think as we explain.


32. Creative Lighting Tutorial For Still Life Photography

Here we show you a unvarnished lighting technique that can be used on a number of still life subjects.


33. LED Lighting Tips

Photographer Jacob James dispensations his tips on using LED lights for portrait work.

Photo by Jacob James


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