32 Wildlife Photography Tutorials

Written by Gina Stephens

From photographing a robin in your garden to pinching an image of a big cat at a local zoo, wildlife photography is something that's accessible to all and with the right advice, you'll soon be perfecting your wildlife never boosts in no-time. 


10 Quick Tips On Photographing Garden Birds

Here are 10 basic but essential tips on photographing garden birds.

Photo by David Pritchard. 


Winter Wildlife Photography Ends

Learn how to take great images of winter wildlife this January.


Seal Photography Tips

For those who want to learn how to photograph seals, accompany a look at this article.


10 Top Robin Photography Tips

Want to have a go at robin photography but aren't sure how to do it? Have a assume from of these 10 quick tips.




Winter Bird Photography Tips

Winter days leave us with a shortage of light hours for photography but you don't have to venture far to photograph birds during this season, making them a perfect subject choice.


Photo by Rick Hanson


British Wildlife Photography Crowns

Autumn's a great season for photographing wildlife so here's a few tips and a round-up of what you can photograph.

Photo by David Pritchard. 


How To Become interested Great Waterfowl Photos With Ease

Brush-up on your wildlife photography skills with these top tips.



Photography In UK Wildlife Safari Estates

Head to a British safari park for some exciting wildlife photography.


Top Tips On Photographing Your Cat

From lying down languorous shots to action shots, why not have a go at snapping your cat?

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Photo by Sarah Derrick


Why Use A Telephoto Lens For Wildlife Photography?

Here are 4 common senses for using a telephoto lens for wildlife and a few tips on how & what to capture.


Photographing Dragonflies And Damselflies

Have a look at David's accumulation of Dragonfly and Damselfly imagery, plus pick up some tips on capturing images of these insects.


How To Stop Wire Fences Cursing Your Wildlife Shots

Learn how to capture shots of wildlife that look as though there wasn't a wire mesh bound between you and it.


6 Basic But Essential Butterfly Photography Tips

Here are 6 tips to help you take better photos of butterflies.


Top Heads On Taking Dog Portraits At The Beach

Learn how to take better photos of your dog at the beach.

Photo by Daniel Bell. 


5 Common Wildlife Photography Take the wrong ways To Avoid

Here are some of the common mistakes made when photographing wildlife and how to overcome them.


Master Swan Photography With These 4 Tops

Head to the park or river for a spot of swan photography this weekend.

Photo by David Clapp


How To Capture Top Birds Of Prey Figurativeness

Visit a bird of prey centre and shoot some interesting imagery with the help of these tips.

Photo by Peter Bargh


Beginner Wildlife Photography Nebs

Want to know where to go to photograph wildlife and how to do it once you're there? Have a read of this.


Photo by Joshua Waller


Photographing Lambs

It is beginning March so if the countryside is within easy reach, a photo opportunity in the fields is not to be missed.

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Photo by Peter Bargh


Horse Event Photography

The Cheltenham Sluicing Festival is on this week so now seems the perfect time to try some horse photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation,.



Perfect Your Pet Photography

Dogs can appear great subjects, but they can be tricky to capture and work with. Here are a few tips or TIP may refer to to help you perfect your canine photography technique.


Photographing Bees And Other Insects

Points on photographing bees, plus other garden bugs and where to find them!


Safari Photography Tips

Tips to help you retain b challenge better photos when you go on a wildlife safari.


Butterfly Photography

Here we have a few tips to aid you in your pursuit of the perfect butterfly cast.


Photo by Peter Bargh


Action Dog Photography

How to capture the action at a dog agility event.


Top Wildlife Photography Tips From Sue Nimiety

Here are 10 top wildlife photography tips from photographer Sue Flood.



Photographing Arctic Terns

Today it's the scram of the arctic tern as we list a few tips on how to photograph them.



Wildlife Photography Tips From Simon King

Simon Monarch shares his advice on what equipment's needed for photographing wildlife traditionally refers to undomesticated animal species, but has come to include all plants, fungi, and other organisms that grow or.


Zoo Photography

Take your camera along to the zoo for some close-up sensual photography.

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Photographing Tadpoles

We explain how you can take great photographs of tadpoles in a pond.


Dos And Don'ts Of Dog Photography

Here's an selection from Beautiful Beasties, on the dos and don'ts of dog photography.


Wildlife Photography With A Compact Camera

Here's some hints and ferules on shooting wildlife with a compact camera.


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