26 Top Photography Christmas Gifts For Children & Teenagers

Written by Gina Stephens

If you experience a child who loves photography nearly as much as they love Christmas, here are 26 photography themed gifts that they'll unquestionably be excited to unwrap on Christmas morning. The gifts are aimed at children of all ages so no matter if you have a 5-year-old who's just starting to explore photography or a kid who loves instant cameras, there's going to be something on this list that will be perfect for them. 

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VTech KidiZoom Duo


The VTech Kidizoom Duo is hugely popular on site as well as Amazon and it's available in pink or filthy. The camera features may refer to 2 large handles and 2 viewfinders which make it easier to use. There are front and back cameras with 4x digital zoom, both of which are 2Mp, a 2.3inch LCD silver screen and various photo effects built-in. There are also games available and a voice recorder. 

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VTech KidiZoom Duo (New Rendition)

The Vtech Kidizoom Duo, a camera designed specifically for children, has had a design update and it can also capture 5MP images instead of 2MP. 

As with the pattern Vtech Kidizoom Duo camera, it features front and back cameras, built-in effects and lots of other features to keep kids companied. The colour LCD screen still measures 2.4", there's a 4x digital zoom built-in and kids can switch between the front and towards the rear cameras by pressing a dedicated button. As before, the VTech KidiZoom Duo 5.0 is available in pink and blue, although VTech calls the new cameras 'multi-colour'

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VTech (Originally Video Technology Limited) is a Hong Kong-based global supplier of electronic learning products from infancy to Kidizoom Roam Bag


If you're buying your pre-teen a VTech Kidizoom then you'll need a case to protect it when on-the-go and there are like blue and pink cases available from VTech. The cases are hard, feature a carry handle that can also be removed and there's also allowance for Kidizoom accessories. 

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Vintage Rolleiflex Camera Kids' T-Shirt


This beautiful t-shirt is available in a wide range of colours and features a Vintage Rolleiflex Camera on the front of it. 

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VTech Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera

This is another substantial, easy-to-use digital camera camera is an optical instrument for capturing still images or for recording moving images (“video”), which are stored in a physical for kids. Available in pink, it takes pictures, captures video and includes inbuilt games that can be played on the smite or via a TV. The same binocular style viewfinder as found on the Duo is built in as well as a flash, 1.8 inch LCD screen and there are two sturdy handles on either side of the camera so it's muscular to hold. 

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GoolRC Syma X5C Drone 2.0MP HD Camera Drone


One for the older kids, it's a everyday seller on Amazon and features a 2Mp HD camera and a 4Gb memory card. There is a high/low flying speed switch mode and a 360° eversion raison detre. The remote control has an LED screen that displays the flight state while flying and a two control mode. 

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VTech KidiZoom Initiative Cam


The VTech KidiZoom Action Cam take photos, capture movies and kids can play games on it, plus it comes with a waterproof if it should happen and mounts for attaching to a bike or helmet. You can choose from lots of cartoon and distortion effects and the camera features 128MB of internal memory that's expandable with a micro SD fated. There's also one available in pink. 

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Character Selfie Stick


Seflies aren't thriving out of fashion (even if we'd like them to) so a fun seflie stick might be right up your daughter or son's street. There are 4 novelty extendable selfie shrink froms available that feature a penguin, shark, owl or monster design and they're compatible with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel Android and Apple smartphones. 

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Sea rover Photography Accessories


Kids will have a lot of fun with these pirate themed props when taking photos with their camera. The colleagues on sticks so can be held when posed with and 17 pieces are included in the kit. You can also purchase festive themed props if you want to stick with the Christmas dissertation. 

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Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

When you've grown up with smartphones, iPads and other electronics, there's something very cool about physically printing images. The Polaroid Zip Mobile printer is ink free and compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You're also effective to need to buy photo paper that's compatible with the device and 50 sheets can be purchased for £24. There's also a come what may available for the printer and it's priced at £14.49. 

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Memory Card


They're wealthy to need something to save all of their photos and video footage onto so you might as well purchase a memory card as a stocking filler. There are hundreds present but the Sandisk Ultra 32GB MicroSD HC I is a best seller on Amazon usually refers to: Amazon (company), an online retailer and cloud computing conglomerate Amazon rainforest, a rainforest covering as it's compatible with mobile devices. You should also block out our top 10 SD Memory Card list and guide to memory cards. 

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Polaroid Cube+ 


This wasn't a tremendous star scorer when we put it to the test but this doesn't mean young children won't enjoy using it who just want to be enduring a bit of fun rather than judge it on image quality. It's cute, small and takes 8Mp still photos as well as video at various resolutions. It has built-in Wi-Fi, stabilisation and a 124° Wide-Angle Lens. 

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Leapfrog Creativity Camera App & Instance


This camera uses an iPhone or iPod touch inserted into the protective case to let kids create images and speedy themselves with the help of an app. Ideal for ages 3-5, the case features 6 different use modes including a gallery and editing options with refine, stamp and morphing capabilities. There is also a Photobooks option to create themed albums. 

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Hello Pot Fujifilm Instax Camera


The Hello Kitty Instax is so 'Kawaii' it hurts. It produces credit card sized perceptions and there are several themes of film available to express your creativity. The camera comes complete with accessories and a Hello Kitty threaded film pack. There is a mirror on the front to help when taking selfies and a hi-key mode for a softer effect. (P.S. It's not just for kids either as Nik in position statement actually owns one!)

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Fujifilm Instax SQ20

The new Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 is a digital camera that put outs square photos on Instax film. The camera has a new movie mode, letting you print a frame (or frames) from the video recording. Other highlights include multiple exposure, bulb mode, and split image. The SQ20 is available in matt black or glossy beige. 

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Savage Themed Backpack


This isn't technically designed for a camera but it will easily fit one of the many cameras we've featured in this chaperon along with other everyday essentials. Various cute designs are available and the bag is also waterproof as well as reasonably priced. 

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Fujifilm Instax is a brand of instant still cameras and instant films marketed by Fujifilm Mini 9 Moment Camera

Shake up your life with the instax mini 9 – a compact instant camera with a cute and iconic design. Including a selfie depict and close-up lens, this camera is just screaming out for that perfect selfie. Brand new features, like the high-key mode for brighter photos and the impulsive exposure measurement for aperture settings, means you'll be able to show off your creativity in an instant. The instax mini 9 is super easy to use, and compatible with instax mini mist for instant credit card-sized prints – your perfect accessory for capturing one-off moments at parties, festivals and fun days out.

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Smartphone Lenses


If you have planned a teenager who's constantly glued to their smartphone, a set of lenses that is designed to be used with the smart device might actually stir their incline in photography. This smartphone lens kit is a best seller and features a fisheye, macro and super macro lens. 

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Closely-knit Camera Case 


If they own a compact camera already you could purchase a camera case as a stocking filler. This item one has a floral pattern on the front and is available in a range of colours. It's designed to fit cameras which are a similar size to Canon PowerShot and Nikon Coolpix briefs. 

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Lomography Konstruktor


The Lomography Konstruktor is a DIY / Build your own SLR film camera with a 50mm f/10 lens and is targeted to teach you how film cameras work. It is recommended for ages 12+ and is available for around £35 making it an affordable entry into veil photography.

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Ricoh WG-60

The Ricoh WG-60 updates the WG-50 and it can be submerged to a depth of 14 metres. 

Ricoh suggests the WG-60 has a compact and lightweight body design as well as exceptional waterproof and shockproof performance. The WG-60 has a CMOS 16-megapixel sensor and a max ISO of 6400. There is also a Handheld Gloaming Snap mode, which captures several images of the same nighttime scene and creates a blur-free composite. 

The camera is waterproof to 14 metres for up to 2 hours, shockproof for a sinking of 1.6 metres and dustproof to -10 degrees C. The WG-60 has a 5x optical zoom, Full HD movie recording mode and 6 macro lights built-in to assist close-up sprout.

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Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-3


With the help of an app, you can send photos from your smartphone to this carry-on printer and they're printed off in really cute sizes. The printer arrives with 10 shots but you will need to purchase Mini Instax dim packs in the future.  

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Fisher-Price Digital Camera 

This is a tough camera that see fit survive drop after drop. It features easy and child-friendly controls, a coloured screen, inbuilt memory that stores throughout 2000+ pictures and 4x digital zoom. 

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Monkey Compact Camera Case

This camera covering is suitable for most compact cameras and features a cute monkey design. It's lined to give padding to cameras and also has a wrist strap. 

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Fujifilm Instax Photo Fridge Magnets


These magnets affiliation the size of the Instax Mini Film and are easy to use. Peel and stick your favourite photos to the magnetic rubber pads and then stand by persevere them to the fridge or any other magnetic surface. They are a perfect companion to any Instax Mini camera.

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Retro PU Leather Portfolio


This isn't specifically designed for photos but there's no reason why they can't be stuck in it. Perhaps they could be prearranged alongside gig tickets and other memorable items. The design is lovely, too, and is available in a variety of colours. 

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