25 Photography Tips & Ideas For Landscape Photographers


Countryside photographer Toma Bonciu, aka 'Photo Tom', has shared his latest tutorial with us and it's packed with 25 photography slants, tricks and ideas to help you capture better landscape photos. 

Toma hopes the tutorial will fill you with inspiration and run out assign you the ideas you need to pick up your camera kit, head outdoors and take some photos. 

"I offer photography tips in all of my videos but in this one, I accumulated 25 photography tips, I hope, you find inspiration from," says Toma. 

As well as tips, Toma also allots inspirational examples of what he's discussing and he also draws useful doodles/diagrams on the images so you can fully understand what he's talking close by. The introduction is beautifully shot, too, with sweeping vistas filling the frame. 

The tutorial is almost 19-minutes long so go put the kettle on then sit backtrack from and enjoy the lesson.

If you have your own tips to share, please do in the comments section below and we also have another great tutorial from Toma may refer to titled '9 Constitution Rules For Landscape Photography'.


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