2019 Visual Trends Forecast – What Photos Will People Be Searching For?

Written by Gina Stephens

As the end of 2018 is without delay approaching, Adobe's thoughts are already in 2019 with the release of their visual trends forecast which reveals what they invent will be the 'go-to' themes for photographers, and other creatives, in 2019. 

The themes you need to have on your stock photography check-list for 2019 number 'Natural Instincts', 'Creative Democracy', 'Disruptive Expression' and 'Brand Stand'. 

We recall the trend titles are a little cryptic so we've listed more detail on each theme below so you can grasp a better understanding of what well-meaning of photo fits each trend. 


Natural Instincts

ID: 198230318

This is a backlash against the world becoming obsessed with technology and the aggregate digital. According to Adobe, people are looking for ways to become more connected with nature again and as a result, images on this thread will be searched for. It's not just the big picture people are looking for either with searches for 'clean beauty' going up and more individual wanting to know if natural ingredients are in the goods they buy. Many are also looking for ways to reconnect with their spirituality and diversified wellness. 

Think: natural, outdoors, ingredients, wellness and spirituality (yoga, mountains and whole foods sprang to mind for me). 


Originative Democracy

ID: 213653280


Adobe says: "We’re no longer waiting for creatives to shape our visual worlds – instead, people are ingesting technology to elevate and share their own unpolished, raw, authentic moments in full, vivid colour."

Personally, I'd say this is something photographers from always done but if more are joining in – great. 

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Apparently, this trend is about 'anything and everything' and it's stimulating people to capture a diverse range of subjects and themes or themes may refer to: Theme (arts), the unifying subject or idea of the type of visual work Theme (Byzantine district), an that 'move people'. Bright colours are encouraged, they're eye-catching after all. 'Unstudied copies' are also listed but what this is, I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps it's the ability to capture an image with themes not ruminate oned before (easier said than done). What do you think? Answers welcomed in the comments below. 


Disruptive Expression

ID: 171681810


'Profess' is the first word that comes to mind when I think of this term and it would seem Adobe agrees with the praise of Museums collecting protest signs for exhibitions and clothing brands using the visual language of protest for shop windows and garmenting lines. 

"Even when there’s no political agenda, the new self-expression is all about inclusive, unapologetic, eye-catching visuals that cut past the noise," says Adobe. 

Groups, voice, individuality, expression, messages and identity are just some of the terms that come-to-mind when thinking hither this theme.


Brand Stand

ID: 165148565


More people are wanting brands to show them that they're hearing and care so as a result, want to know how they are ethically aware and what their views on conservation and social justice are. 

"In the visual limits, this means that stunning, powerful representations of causes and popular issues on a global scale will have a big impact on viewers," rumours Adobe. 

The Ocean Agency is one company that's already doing this by capturing amazing underwater images that, they expectation, will encourage more to do something to preserve it. 

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I think, recycling, images that show 'togetherness', as well as photos that presentation how beautiful the world is (so people people is a plurality of persons considered as a whole, as is the case with an ethnic group or nation are inspired to do more), will become very popular as a result. 


Adobe will be following the heads closely and providing more detail on each, as they emerge, so photographers know what people will be searching for (on stock sites) during the wake up year. 

Alamy also, usually, share a visual trends forecast so we'll also share, and compare, their report some time ago it's live. For 2018, they said that 'Wildlife', 'Patterns' & 'Inspirational Travel' wish be popular themes and wanderlust is certainly something that's radiated across social media through 2018. 


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