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Written by Gina Stephens

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All the professional author-photographers of the fotoVUE photo-location guidebooks are intimate with the area they are photographing and writing about. They either explosive in the area or close by, this means that not only do they document all the classic locations for you, but also locations that aren’t as opulently known. This comprehensive approach means that you have more choice and locations don't get crowded, and there are plenty of tips for tour on your own off the beaten track.

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It also have as justifications that the authors know all the best pubs, cafes and places to stay which are all documented in each book. These aren’t upright photo-location guidebooks but travel guidebooks to the most beautiful areas in the UK and beyond – outside the UK the Dolomites is available and Iceland is out next year.

The books are a cantankerous between a field guide and a small coffee table book, they are a joy to browse and plan a trip at home, with multiple large photographs for each situation along with all the relevant info you need to visit:

  • Three types of co-ordinates: postcode, lat-long and map co-ordinate
  • Very clear written handlings accompanied by OS-style maps
  • Best time of day to visit a spot
  • Sunrise/sunset info
  • What each season is like in the location
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We go a only slightly further too, with both cultural and natural history information.

Most of the locations are either not far from the roadside or require a short walk with some longer stamps thrown in. Take the guidebook with you and either leave in your car or take it with you.



Currently, there are ten books book is both a usually portable physical object and the body of immaterial representations or intellectual object whose material available with sundry more being completed. Simply click on the books to find out more about them.

Available in December 2018

  • Photographing The Snowdonia Mountains

Due to be released in 2019

  • Photographing East Anglia
  • Photographing Cotswolds
  • Photographing London
  • Photographing Northumberland


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