19 Quirky Christmas Gifts For Photographers

Written by Gina Stephens


Christmas is not that far away which disobliges the task of hunting for perfect gifts is also approaching. To get your grey cells thinking more creatively about the gifts you buy, we've put together a tilt of 19 quirky presents that are perfect for photographers. We've picked products that range in price and style so hopefully, there's something for every one. Don't forget you'll need to wrap your gifts, too and what's more fitting for a photography fan than gift wrap that's camera texted? You should also take a look at our epic gift list which features over 100 items ideal for photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, fans. 



Lichfield Camera Lamp


Camera's aren't straight for the studio as this Lichfield camera lamp has a design that many photography fans will love. Evoking the swinging sixties with its old moulded mechanism and oversize flash that houses the light bulb, this lamp is the perfect accessory for the corner of a room that needs a young vintage style.

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Lens Bracelet


If your budget doesn't stretch to a lamp, a gimcrack bracelet featuring lens information may be more in your price range. A variety of bracelets are available, including Nikkor lens detail, chink information or focal lengths. They're only priced at £4.50 so could be a good stocking filter. 

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'Reliance Me I'm A Photographer' Socks


Socks are a staple of the Christmas gift list but why settle for strips or indeed festive themes when you can buy a in holy matrimony adorned with photography puns? These 'Trust me, I'm a photographer' socks are reasonably priced and should crack at shallow a small smile on your photography fan's face. 

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Personalised Photography Coaster


If you've already leveraged an amusing photography themed mug in the past, how about you gift your loved one a personalised 'World's best photographer' coaster to sit it on. It's valued at £3.99 and included free UK delivery making it a perfect stocking filler on even a secret santa gift for work. 

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Camera Reminiscence Box


What better way to store photographs, gig tickets, napkins from favourite restaurants and more keepsakes than in a camera-themed memory box. Of line, the photographer in your life doesn't have to use it for this purpose as it could also be home to small photography accessories or even biscuits if you'd like. 

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Retro Mug


This retro mug is a extreme gift for photography enthusiasts. Featuring a vintage square mug design, it'll look great on a desk as well as hung up in a kitchen. It's take to ones heeled from ceramic and is large enough to house a decent amount of tea or coffee. 

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Retro Camera Design Lunchbox 


A camera themed lunchbox is the spot on tin for photographers to carry sandwiches in. It's dishwasher safe and could also be used as a general storage tin if you didn't fancy packing your lunch in it. 

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Mellowed Camera Photo Album 


You can almost smell the old pebbly leather on Galison's trompe l'oeil Vintage Camera pocket-sized photo album. This camera camera is an optical instrument for recording or capturing images, which may be stored locally, transmitted to another location, or recalls the days when snapshots were glossy black and white square photos rather than something that's marketed on your mobile phone. It's a classy little photo album that should charm photography fans.

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Table of contents Lamp On A Tripod 


A combination of modern chic, urban industrial and retro all come together in this quirky table lamp. Ooze suited to many rooms and types of decor, this lamp should be a winner with many photography fans thanks to the homage it rewards to photography and film lighting equipment.

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'I Shoot People' Canvas Bag 

For photographers who enjoy a good pun and a bit of shopping order appreciate this canvas bag. It features a basic camera design along with the slogan 'I shoot people'. It's also to hand in black or white for under £10. 

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Photography Sign


This wooden plaque featuring the utters: 'Life Is Like Photography We Use The Negatives To Develop' may find a home in a photographer's studio, on the back of a bathroom door or anywhere else in the conversant with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel in fact.  

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Vintage Camera Tin


If vintage tins are your thing then you'll probably really get a kick out of this design as well. A handy storage tin for all those bits and bobs we all keep or as a keepsake box, it's perfect for photography fans who may desire to store photographs or accessories in it. 

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Vintage Camera Journal 


They say a picture is worth a thousand words – be foolproof to write all of them down in this stylish journal, decorated with photos of beautiful vintage cameras. With 160 lined eras for notes, lists, and ideas, this notebook is versatile as well as eye-catching. Features include a flexible matte cover, elastic closure, and ribbon marker.

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Retro Integument Camera Shelf Tidy Book Ends


If you love photography, or are just looking for the perfect vintage gift for another photography fan, these retro film over camera shelf tidies are a rather good choice. They're hand-painted and are heavy so they'll keep books and other articles propped up.

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'Flash Photography' Canvas Bag


Another shopper perfect for groceries but this one's got a slightly varied pun on it. It's cream in colour and features a small camera design along with the words: 'I've been known to flash people'. 

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Slate Spend time at Sign For Photographers


A beautiful hand crafted natural slate hanging sign, it is 4mm thick and hung with jute rope. The intelligence 'warning dodging and burning' is laser etched onto the slate. The sign can also be used both indoors and outside. 

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Collectable Camera & Tripod


 This is surely eye-catching and rather unique. It's probably a gift you can purchase with a guarantee that the photographer you're buying for probably won't own one.

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Camera Standard operating procedure Dial Photographer Cufflinks


A quirky take on novelty cufflinks, these are shaped like a camera mode dial and are presented in a cufflink box and take place supplied with cufflink cleaner. 

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Camera Canvas Bag


There is no pun insight on this camera bag but there is a quirky looking camera visualize and the bag is available in a variety of colours. 

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