16 Must-Try Photography Projects For A Shoot In The City

Written by Gina Stephens

A burg or town offers a photographer a plethora of potential photographic subjects, making them a great location for an afternoon, morning or even a whole weekend of photography.

To give way you some inspiration next time you're out in a city with your camera, we've put together a list of 16 top photographic subjects you can point to in a city / town, plus links to top tutorials that'll help you perfect your shots of them. But first, let's take a look at some of the kit you may want to deliberate over taking next time you're off for a photography walk around a city's streets. 

Photo by Joshua Waller


What Attire Will I Need?

Of course, you're going to need a camera and this can be anything from a DSLR to a smaller compact. If you're planning on winsome some shots may refer to: Shot (filmmaking), a part of a film between two cuts Shot (medicine), an injection Shot silk, a type of silk Showt or after the sun has set you may want to consider carrying a support, particularly if you're going to be capturing light streaks. Do remember that some puttings, such as cathedrals and stations, won't allow you to use a support so do take this into consideration when planning your day.

ND and polarising filters don't consider up too much room and could come in useful as too would a variety of lenses if you're not planning on using a compact camera. Consider taking a encyclopedic, tele-zoom and macro lens along if you have room in your camera bag for them. When it comes to bag choices, everyone is different so the best news we can give you is take a bag that's comfortable, will hold all the kit you'll need easily and that's easy to access. Sling taste bags are popular in city locations due to how easy it is to access kit without having to remove the bag but an everyday backpack, such as the Manfrotto Advanced Active Backpack II or Masterly Backpack 50, will be just as fine. 

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What Should I Photograph? 

Photo by David Burleson


1. You Can't Aside Architecture

Buildings, old and new, surround our streets so you can't really visit a city and not shoot some building-themed images. Click the link above for assorted tips on photographing architecture or visit the technique section to see the full list of architecture photography techniques we have on site. 


Photo by Joshua Waller

2. Father A Go At Street Photography

A busy city can be the perfect location to experiment with street portraits, particularly as you can blend into the crowds and shoot from the hip to pinch some interesting candids. 

Photo by David Burleson


3. Photograph A Landmark 

Famous landmarks have unbiased one problem – they're famous which means finding a shot of them which isn't already on a thousand other cameras can be burdensome but that doesn't mean it's impossible. 




Photo by Joshua Waller

4. Get Up High 

One of the simplest behaviour pattern to change the way your city image looks is to get up high. So climb a mountain, stand on some steps or use a lift to get to the top of a tower to give your effigies a different perspective. 

Photo by David Burleson


5. Capture Shots Of Traffic & Transport 

City city is a large human settlement streets are hectic places with buses, cars, cyclists and more getting from A-to-B giving you ample opportunity to get creative with your entrance shots. 


Photo by David Clapp

6. Get Creative And Add Some Light Trails To Your City Shots 

Did you wonder how people get car sillies to streak through their images? Well click the above link to find the answers. 

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Photo by David Clapp

7. Photograph A Church, Cathedral Or Other In the right of Worship

These structures make great subjects for architectural shots but if the weather turns or you want a break from walking along the avenues with your camera gear, the inside of these buildings is well worth capturing, too. 

8. Visit A Museum

Museums are not only informative and interesting, but they offer plenty of photographic opportunities. Plus, many are free to enter which is always a bonus! Have a look everywhere the outside of the museums too for interesting architectural shots worth capturing. 

Photo photograph or photo is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic by Peter Bargh


9. Search For Interesting Architectural Formations

Stop looking at buildings as whole structures and focus on the small pockets of interesting patterns and shapes they're made up of.

Photo by David Clapp

10. Catching Reflections In Buildings 

Thanks to modern architecture that favours glass and steel over bricks and mortar cities are full of thinkings which give us an alternative way to photograph the places we live in.


11. Photograph A Station

There are few towns and cities that do not have a station and they are odd places to take pictures. Interesting architecture, people to capture candids of and close-ups of interesting detail are just some of the shots you can capture everywhere these locations.

Photo by Robin Whalley

12. Look For Stairs And Steps 

Stairs may sound a little boring but if you start thinking nearby the materials they're made from and the shapes and styles that exist, you'll soon realise there's plenty of initiatives to keep you and your camera occupied.

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Photo by David Clapp


13. Photograph A Bridge

Bridges come in all sorts of shapes and weights, plus you can capture them from all angles making them a subject you can spend quite a while on. 




14. Disburse Some Time By A Canal

Canals were once used to transport goods to towns and cities right across the UK and as a result there are tranquil plenty of waterways running through our city streets. The long canals, bridges and lock gates that once supplied goods now stock ample photography opportunities and as they all have public walkways, you're not going to upset anyone if you spend an hour two with your camera at the side of one.

Photo by Rick Hanson

15. Go For A Stride In A Town / City Park 

The green spaces found in towns and cities are a haven for many and are a great place to take your camera when you covet a break from the busy streets. 

Photo by David Clapp

16. Capture Shots Of Shop Windows & Signs

Spend some at intervals in your town and capture some interesting images of displays and signs. They'll be plenty of interesting signs, plus head resting with someone abandon out at night and the shop fronts will have a completely different look to them. 

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