10 Father’s Day Photography Gift Ideas

Written by Gina Stephens

Chaplain's Day isn't too far away now so if you've not bought your dad a gift yet and he happens to be a photographer, you've landed on the perfect article as we've got plenty of strength ideas to please the pickiest of photography dads. 

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Our gift list is pretty good but if you don't find what you're looking for here, chronicle b debase a look at Amazon's Father's Day Gift Guide where you'll find gifts for techy dads, occurrence fans, foodies and more.


'Mr Photographer' T-Shirt


This cotton t-shirt features a design that pays admiration to the famous Mr Men range but this particular 'Mr Mimic' has a camera and is called 'Mr Photographer'. It's a funny t-shirt that won't announce the bank and should bring a smile to your dad's face. If you'd prefer a different design, check out our '26 Awesome T-Shirts For Photographers' heel over. 

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Personalised Photography Coaster


If you've already purchased an amusing photography themed mug in the past, how here you gift your dad a personalised 'world's best photographer' coaster to sit it on. It's priced at £3.99 and included complimentary UK delivery making it rather inexpensive and you can write 'to the best dad in the world' (or something along those lines).

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Haynes Develop intensify Your Own Classic Camera Kit


Your dad may associate Haynes' manuals with repairing cars but this one has the instructions, pieces and instruments to build a class retro camera. It shoots 35mm (not included) and should keep a camera fan occupied for at least a few hours.

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Smartphone Projector

If you miss to bring a bit of nostalgia to Father's Day, why not gift your dad a projector. This one is a lo-fi projector that magnifies your phone's sort out up to 8x, features adjustable focus and fits plus-sized smartphones. No need for glue with this one, it works straight out of the box and comes in black & gold. 

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Pep Is Like Photography – Spiral Bound Journal 


This spiral notebook measures approximately 5"x8", features 160 sheets and a photography themed front cover. Perfect for making notes in while out taking photos, this gift gift or a present is an item given to someone without the expectation of payment or return will fit perfectly into a backpack when your dad's administering out of the door to capture landscapes, city shots or whatever genre of photography is his favourite. 

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Meaning of Photographer Resolution Novelty Mug


If your dad doesn't have a photography themed mug to sit on the photography themed coaster then this is the gift you need to toe-hold. It's supplied in a gift box and features an amusing description of what a photographer is. 

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Novelty Polyester Tie

If your dad is a tie wearer who tolerates photos then this camera themed garment could be right up their street. It features historical camera designs and is made from polyester.

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3D Pop Up Camera Reception Card


To go with your gift, you're going to need a card or, you can purchase this item and combine your gift and car-card together. The 3D camera folds flat so you can present it to your dad in an envelope and there's also a blank space to write a message. It's a quirky enhance that's perfect for a shelf or desk.

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'Dad' Photo Frame


Pop a photo of you and your dad into this make-up and you're probably onto a winning Father's Day gift combo. It's decorated with the words 'Dad' and holds a regulatory 6" by 4" photo.

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Father's Day Card – Camera Design


Keep the photography theme prevalent with a Father's Day card that features a camera design. On the front, you'll find various classic designs of cameras and basically the message reads 'have a great day'.

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