10 Essential Photo Tutorials To Get You Ready For The Autumn Season

Written by Gina Stephens

As the withstand's getting cooler and trees are losing their green tint to shades which are much warmer we thought it would be a good philosophy to bring ten of our popular autumn photography tutorials together in one place. That way when you're planning a day of autumn photography you don't have to go all during the web searching for ideas and suggestions.

1. Autumn Exposure Photography Tips

Here's a checklist of points to consider when out throw autumnal shots to ensure your exposure's correct every time. This list includes working with histograms, using revealing compensation and ND filters.

Photo by Peter Bargh.


2. Abstract Autumn Shots In Photoshop

Blur isn't something we generally yen to see in our photos but as this tutorial shows, motion blur added to a shot in Photoshop can create shots that are a little more arty but yet recognisable.


3. Autumn Macro Tips With A Compact Camera

Just because you're using a compact camera doesn't presage you can't shoot some interesting, autumn-themed macro shots. Here are some tips and hints to help compact users perfect their artistry.

Photo by Peter Bargh.


4. Photographing Reflections During Autumn

With such bold colours on offer, autumn's the pre-eminent season for capturing reflections. We have tips on capturing a mirror-like reflection as well as advice on shooting more abstract style shots.

Photo by David Clapp –


5. 4 At work To Photograph Fallen Leaves

Fallen leaves are easy to find during the autumn and can be used to create several seasonal shots.


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Photo by David Clapp –


6. Autumn Garden Photography Finials

Your garden is full of autumn photography subjects which means you can stay close to home and still capture the season with your camera and lens.



Photo by Peter Bargh


7. Photographing Autumn also known as fall in North American English, is one of the four temperate seasons Demises Outside And Indoors

Leaves make interesting close-up subjects and can be photographed both inside and out.

Photos by David Clapp –


8. Rubbishes On Shooting Autumn Landscapes

Capture the autumn season with your wide-angle lens and you'll soon have a collection of autumn aspects that really pack some punch.


Photo by David Clapp –


9. 10 Top Tips For Taking Beat Autumn Photos

Here are ten tips to help you take better autumn photos using your digital compact camera.



10. Autumn Let fly at Arboretums

David Clapp shares his tips on shooting autumn shots in an Arboretum where photographers will get plenty of opportunities to capture autumnal before you can say jack robinson no ways.


Photo by David Clapp –



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